How to write a five-paragraph essay at the fifth grade

How to write a five-paragraph essay

Writing plays a significant role in a child’s life from school to work thus; they should adopt writing skills as early as possible. In fifth grade, writing a five-paragraph essay comprising of an introduction, the body and the conclusion seems like a difficult task. However, students can learn how to compose such an essay in three parts or buy one at essay writing service.

Begin by writing an introduction. An introduction is the first paragraph in a fifth grade five-paragraph essay comprising of three parts. The first part is the hook. The hook, which is the opening sentence, starts an essay by grabbing the attention of the reader with a quote, a question, an incredible fact or a bold memory. Next is background information where you define and introduce your topic by telling the reader what your topic is, its origin and why it is important. The third part is the thesis statement. The sentence, which concludes this paragraph informs whoever is reading your essay about what you will be discussing.

Next, write the body. In a five-paragraph essay, the body comprises three paragraphs. In fifth grade, you write simple paragraphs containing three parts. Begin each paragraph with a different topic sentence, which sums up the idea you will discuss. After that, include two details per paragraph, two to five sentences long that expound on the point in the topic sentence. The details feature facts, statistics and examples. Finally, end the paragraphs with a closing sentence which summarizes the information discussed.   

Finalize the five-paragraph essay with a conclusion. Focus on restating your thesis statement but in different words then, state the important points you have discussed in your essay and end with a comment, an observation or an idea that makes a reader think more about your topic.

In conclusion, every essay follows the five-paragraph structure. By understanding how to write the three parts namely, the introduction, body and conclusion, you can successfully write a fifth grade five-paragraph essay.

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